An All - Women Theatre Production

Ramanjit Kaur

Cast & Crew:
Kamal Ahluwalia
Shiree Arora
Shilpa Jhawar
Namrata Manot
Pragya Gupta
Vineeta Abhani
Anju Ghoriwala
Sonia Dhir
Anjana Jalan
Vandana Rathi
Bhavna Gupta

Set Design:
Sanchayan Ghosh

Light Design:
Daulat Vaid

Light Execution:

Costume Design:
Ramanjit Kaur

Production Management:
Balaka Chattopadhyay

Director: Ramanjit Kaur

“The Creative Arts brings forth”Baawre Mann ke Sapne”, all-women’s Theatre Production. I personally feel that the middle and upper middle class Indian women are the most underprivileged lot, in terms of not having a voice. How many times do we discuss issues that concern us..? We smile silently. Silence emerging from false self-esteem, pride, fear – Fear of rejection, social unacceptance, ridicule. Theatre is a platform that helps us get a voice, gain confidence, mould ourselves as well as our surroundings for the better, and teaches us relationship building.

During the creative process, we looked into two aspects – one dealt with Theatre as an Art Form and the other used Theatre as Therapy, where I used Theatre exercises and games learnt from the masters all over the world… and interestingly, have been developing newer exercises to heal and evolve everyday…The journey in the past one and a half years has been that of bonding, sharing, emoting, enacting, analyzing, but most of all exhilarating and rejuvenating. While using Theatre as therapy, it was touching to see everyone laying their heart bare- their anxieties, concerns, deep dark secrets and of course, sorrows and joys. Each one was brave enough to leave their situation open to discussion and feedback.

The performance has been inspired by this journey of thoughts. We have taken excerpts from short stories by various Indian women writers. Stories ranging from tradition and skepticism, collective responsibilities and individual choice, spanning themes of caste and hierarchy, relationships, physical and emotional violence, dreams and nightmares, sexuality and search for self-identity – with new vigour.”

Director’s Note by Ramanjit Kaur


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