We, at The Creative Arts Academy, believe that Art enables each child to emerge as a well-rounded individual by engaging the mind, body and emotions in a holistic understanding of all that it means to be an ideal human being. TCAA’s Arts@School Programme will enable and empower teachers and trainers to involve the Arts as a significant aspect of the education system. Incorporating Art into the framework of the education system will help each student understand the world in a unique way and navigate the challenges of adult life.

Arts@School Full Steam Ahead Webinar

“FULL STEAM AHEAD: PUTTING THE ARTS BACK IN EDUCATION” Panellists Sonali Lahiri, Krishna Murthy, Amita Prasad and Paro Anand, deliberated with Moderator Ramanjit Kaur, on the significance of weaving Arts into school education and shared some innovative projects that they had done to make Arts an intrinsic part of a child’s life and development in school.

Art at the Heart of Education Webinar

“Art at the Heart of Education”

We believe that Arts Organisations should have a say in creating education policies that inculcate the Arts in Children’s education. Continuing the conversation on how Arts can take an active role in a holistic education of children, we curated a panel discussion featuring stalwarts in the education scene in the country. 

Panellists Jessica Gomes Surana, Angela Ghosh, Sunil Bhandari and Ramanjit Kaur were in conversation with Sonali Lahiri. This webinar is the second instalment as part of the Arts@School webinar series.


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