Learning to Write Fiction with Chandrahas Choudhury
6 Sessions ( 1 hour each )
Mondays and Thursdays
7:00pm - 8:00pm IST
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About the Course:

Session 1: The Act of Creation: Why We Love Fiction
Session 2: Your Literary Diet: Reading To Become A Writer
Session 3: Creating Great Characters
Session 4: Thinking About Language
Session 5: Finding The Right Story To Tell
Session 6: Learning How To Edit and Revise

(Advanced Writing Course)
Structure: 12 sessions
Wednesdays : 6:00 - 7:00pm IST
Starting 9th June

Application will require a mandatory submission of a piece of original writing, one page maximum, in English along with a CV. 

To be sent to: thecreativearts02@gmail.com  

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About the Course:

Want to learn how to pitch your draft to publishers? 

Want to take your first draft, hone and polish it with expert guidance and group inputs?

This course will involve expert professionals from the publishing industry who will guide the participants through the entire process by which a first draft becomes a finished work.

This course will be useful for writers looking to pitch their work or wanting to know the entire process of publishing. This course is also useful for those interested in getting to know about the workings of the publishing industry.

The course will cover:
  1. Processes: From drafting a manuscript,  to finished product. 
  2. Pitching: How to pitch a book, the literary agent and publishers. 
  3. Legalities: Contracts 
  4. Editing: Be your own editor, how to take a first draft and polish it with expert guidance and group inputs.
  5. Final Look: Proofs, page layout, design. 
  6. Self-publishing

Course Director Anjum Katyal is an experienced Editor, Writer, Translator, Critic and Literary Festival Director. She is the Head of the Writing Department at TCAA. 

Eminent writer Sampurna Chattarji. She is a writer, translator, editor and teacher. She is also Poetry Editor for The Indian Quarterly and teaches writing to design students at IIT, Bombay.

(How to Write Better)
One hour sessions - Twice a week
Age Group: 16 years and up
Tuesdays and Saturdays | 6.00 PM-7.00 PM
Starting 8th June
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About the Course:

Do you want to write better? Express yourself more effectively? Do you love books and reading, want to understand what makes them work the way they do?

The TCAA Creative Writing Course, run by experts and professionals, may be just the right fit for you. Here you can discover, explore and hone your writing skills through a combination of hands-on activity, interactions with professionals, and workshops. 


Course Director Anjum Katyal is an experienced Editor, Writer, Translator, Critic and Literary Festival Director. She is the Head of the Writing Department at TCAA. 


Guest Faculty

Guest Faculty includes Prof Tilottama Tharoor of New York University (NYU); Translator, Poet and Writer Sampurna Chattarji; and acclaimed Editor, Writer, Essayist and Literary Critic Chandrahas Choudhury.  

This course will cover:
  1. What is good writing? Learning to recognize powerful, impactful, evocative writing.
  2. Narrative and non-narrative forms: prose and poetry. Elements needed for each.
  3. Voice and style: finding your own voice. Discussion of different styles and approaches to writing. 
  4. Building creativity and imagination
  5. Building observation and perception
  6. Character: how to create believable characters
  7. Plot: creating a storyline
  8. Setting and description
  9. Dialogue
  10. Getting it out there – publishing and dissemination
(Writing for Performance)
Structure: 10 sessions
Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6:00 - 7:30pm IST
Starting 22th June
Criteria: Artists/Writers interested in writing for Stage or Screen
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About the Course:

If there is anyone in the theatre who lives on beyond the performance, it is the writer.  We all know who William Shakespeare or Kalidas were, but we don’t know the actors who, in their lifetime, exuded beauty and form to those written words. The timelessness of good writing and the momentary brilliance of performance both come together to create the magic of theatre – in the present moment.

Approaches to playwriting have changed over the years, but some fundamental principles will always apply. Discover your sense of story, find a structure that suits your story’s telling, and discover what it is to write in the present tense. That is what writing for performance is, in essence. Bringing the past and the future into the present to tell a compelling story will find life in a performance. A present moment that you can capture forever through your writing.

If  you want to try your hand at writing something that you would like to have performed by others, this workshop is for you.


Mahesh Dattani has forty years of experience working in the theatre as a playwright, director and actor. His plays are performed in many parts of the world and have been translated to German, Japanese, Hindi, Gujarati, Nepali, Bengali and many other languages. 

The course will cover:
  1. Get a better understanding of your sense of storytelling and tell it in the present moment.
  2. Discover structures and choices
  3. Discover story arcs and how characters reveal themselves through your story
  4. Understand how to fuel your script with conflict and intention
  5. Have your work in progress read out by professional actors
  6. Good writing is rewriting. First draft from the heart, subsequently all craft.
Creative Writing Course for Children
Structure: 3 months module - 10 sessions
One hour session - once a week
Age groups:
9-12 years | Thursdays: 4:00PM - 5:00PM IST
13-15 years | Fridays: 4:00PM - 5:00PM IST
About the Course:

Creative writing encourages self-expression and a child’s ability to think, learn, understand and communicate. It stimulates the imagination and builds essential skills such as problem-solving, reasoning and organisation.


Rohini Chowdhury is a literary translator and the author of several children’s books. Her published writing, in Hindi and English, covers several literary genres including translations, fiction and non-fiction.

This course will help children to:
  1. Take the first steps towards becoming effective writers and communicators.
  2. Explore the elements of good writing through reading and class discussion.
  3. Write stories and poems
  4. Identify and build upon their strengths.
Publishing and Editing Course
Structure: 3 months module - 24 sessions
One hour session - twice a week
About the Course:

If you love books and would like to know how they are made, this course will take you on a journey tracing the birth of a book from the very beginning to the finished product. Learn all about publishing and editing through this introductory course that prepares you to:

  • Apply for advanced training or an entry level position in any of the areas of the book business.
  • Develop skills of book editing, layout and design, publicity and marketing.
  • Work from home.
  • Found your own start-up or join a publishing house.

You will get a comprehensive introductory overview of the book publishing field, covering all aspects like editing, design and layout, print and production, marketing and distribution.

Sessions include hands-on practical activity, site visits and interactions with experts and professionals.

Translation Course
Structure: 3 months module - 24 sessions
One hour session - twice a week
About the Course:

Translation is the field of the future. As the globe increasingly connects through the net, all kinds of texts need translation, from literature to movie subtitles, from conference papers to meeting minutes. Be ahead of the curve. A good translator is always in demand.

Are you good with languages? Do you enjoy exploring other cultures?

This course will help you discover, explore and hone your translation skills through a combination of hands-on activity, workshops and masterclasses, and interactions with professionals.


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