Structure: 12 sessions (12 hours)
Timing: 4.00-500pm
(Tuesdays and Thursdays)
Age Group: 8 - 14 years
The Course will cover:
Want to learn how your child can benefit from being an International bilingual?
Do you wish to explore the endless possibilities of Higher Studies Sponsorship Programs?
This course will involve experienced French Trainers who will make sure the unique methodology of learning languages like a mother tongue is implemented in each session!
The course is suitable for children (8-14 years) who wish to explore the Cultural and Historical background of France along with learning to speak the language.
1. Introduction: Brief introduction of Cultural and Geographical aspects of France; sneak peek into the school life of French high schoolers!
2. Bonjour: Grammar rules, basic vocabulary on alphabets; learn how to begin a conversation, provide your introduction
3. Introduction to French History.
4. Identities: Cultural differences, giving your family’s introduction, knowing about various French Speaking countries and nationalities.
5. Outing: Conversation about weekend plans, sports and sporting activities
6. Conversation about famous French personalities.
Communication Skills Course
Structure: 3 months module - 24 sessions
One hour session - twice a week
Mondays & Thursdays 6:00PM - 7:00PM
Age Group : 14+ & Adults
About the Course:

The urge to communicate is as old as civilization itself. It has been an ever-continuing process among living creatures. The advent and rapid progress of technology has opened up a plethora of modes and platforms to facilitate instant communication.

  • But is it enough for effective communication?
  • Do you want to learn how to communicate and engage in effective communication?
  • Do you wish to understand the way communication works in different sectors of media and others?

The Creative Arts Academy Communications Course has been curated by eminent industry experts with whom the students will engage during their study. Moreover, the course is tailored to meet the specific requirements of aspiring individuals and fulfill their ambitions of an enhanced and rewarding experience in professional and personal life.


Course Director SV Raman is the Programme Consultant at Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata, Former Program Director of the Goethe- Institut/ Max Mueller Bhavan, Kolkata, freelance journalist, translator, interpretor.

The course will cover:

1. Basics of effective Communication

2. Verbal and non-verbal Communication

3. Inter-personal and Intra-personal Communication

4. Basics of Public Speaking

5. Articulation and Delivery

6. Rapport and Body Language

7. Thought process and structure

8. Logic, Argument, Convincing

9. Debating skills, Active Listening

10. Group discussion, personal interview

11. Etiquettes of Communication

Audiovisual Communication Course
Structure: 40 sessions
The Course will cover:

1. Basics of audiovisual Communication

2. Different modes of audiovisual Communication

3. A brief history of the evolution and advantages of the telephone, radio, television, cinema, new media

4. The power of moving images

5. Audiovisual tools for Education

6. Cinema in the classroom

7. Reading between the frames

8. Preparing audiovisual modules for different professions

9. Developing a good storyline

10. Practical exercises and hands-on application

Business Communication Course
Structure: 24 sessions

1. Importance of Business Communication

2. Frameworks of Business Communication

3. Overcoming Barriers. Challenges

4. Building Confidence and Strategic Skills

5. Critical thinking

6. Power of convincing in specific situations

7. Techniques of preparing professional business documents

8. Preparing presentations and presentation skills

9. Business Outlook in India

10. Overview of various Sectors

11. Case studies, field visits and practical exercises as applicable

Communicative English Course
Structure: 24 sessions
The Course will cover:

1. Basics of Communication

2. Pronunciation and diction

3. Speaking exercises in imagined situations

4. Comprehension skills – written and oral

5. Speaking on simple topics

6. Writing a report

7. Writing a CV, job application

8. Group discussion and personal interview

9. Soft skills in conversation – etiquettes, diplomacy

Language & Culture (French/German/Spanish)
Structure: 40 sessions

1. Alphabets and phonetics

2. Pronunciation and diction

3. Basic grammar

4. Vocabulary and Syntax

5. Written and aural comprehension

6. Conversation in situations

7. Translation of simple texts

8. Writing simple personal and business emails

9. Culture and customs of the land

10. Great achievers of the land

11. Reading, comprehending and discussing simple literature

12. More details will be intimated upon the start of the course.

Structure: 3 Months Module- 16 sessions
One hour sessions- Twice a week
Mondays and Thursdays | 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM
Age Group: Young Adults and Aspiring Professionals
About the Course:

Do you often find it difficult to express yourself clearly?

Are you tongue-tied in company?

Do you envy your friends who can get their points across so comfortably?

Then it’s time for you to 

Speak Up!

The Creative Arts Academy (TCAA) presents a Certificate Course in Effective Communication Skills for young adults and those joining the workforce. Learn and practice Communication Skills in English online with offline activities as backup! Methodology includes group discussions, worksheets, presentations, role plays and plenty of practice. And a guest expert for a few sessions.

The course will cover:
  1. The effective communications cycle
  2.  How to manage communications barriers
  3.  Words and sentence structures that work for you
  4. Active listening and listening with empathy
  5. Understanding and using non-verbal behaviour
  6. Dealing with conflict and cooperation
  7. The etiquette of communication in different situations
  8. Approaching the personal interview

Leslie Francis D’Gama, the Associate Course Designer has been a teacher and corporate soft skills trainer for over 40 years. He holds a Diploma in Training & Development, writes profusely, designs learning programmes and loves what he does. He has worked with Schoolnet India, St Xavier’s Calcutta and the British Council and currently is an independent consultant for online teaching programmes. 

Guest Faculty

Guest Faculty includes SV Raman, the Head of the Communication Department, TCAA. He is also a Programme Consultant at Victoria Memorial Hall, freelance journalist, translator, writer; Educationist and Mentor, Nirmal Agarwal.


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