Communication Skills Course
Faculty: Piali Ray
Eligibility: 12 to 25 years
Duration: 6 months
Once a week x 1 hour
24 sessions
Junior Batch (12 to 16 years): Thursdays, 5pm–6pm
Senior Batch (17 to 25 years): Thursdays, 6.30pm–7.30pm
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About the Course:

The Course has been curated by eminent industry experts with whom the students will engage during their study. The course is tailored to meet the specific requirements of communication for aspiring individuals in their professional and personal life


Piali Ray is a freelance teacher of English and a Public Speaking trainer. She has also been a successful theatre practitioner in the city for more than three decades – as an actor, director and teacher of Drama.

The course will cover:

1. Basic Skills of Effective

2.  Communication:

  •   Verbal and Non-Verbal
  • Informal and Formal

3.  Articulation and Delivery

4. Diction Training

5.  Vocabulary Building

6. Eye Contact and Rapport building

7. Body Language

8.  Engaging the audience

9. Appropriate use of humour

10. Use of Drama

11. Creating empathy

12. Maintaining decorum

13.  Developing listening skills

14. Email and WhatsApp communication

14. Story Telling

15. Powerpoint Presentations

16. Logical, Argumentative, Persuasive Speaking

17. Group Discussions

18. Debating


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