Theatre Course for Adults
Structure: 3 months module - 24 sessions
One hour session - twice a week
Wednesdays & Fridays | 6:30PM - 7:30PM
Age Group : 16+ & Adults
About the Course:

Theatre as an art form has immense possibilities to bring out the undiscovered, invisible potential of individuals.

Theatre , with the approach of acting techniques, body movements, lighting, sound and production design creates a parallel world that not only helps an individual become a professional actor, but facilitates the very act of embracing Theatre and inhabiting it as a lifestyle, thereby understanding how individuals are both a work of art as well as an artist.

Does the thought of getting into the skin of characters and playing alternative lives intrigue you?

Do you know Theatre is about getting out of your comfort zone and exploring the vast range of your mind and body? And for that matter, do you know Theatre establishes an intimacy with yourself?

Do you want to explore the magical world of theatre?

Do you love performance and want to learn the tools and skills required for a successful theatrical production?

TCAA Theatre course, curated by experts and professionals is a course where you can discover, explore and get introduced to the theatrical skills and techniques through actual hands-on experience, masterclasses, workshops, and discussion sessions with industry experts so you can be an all-round theatre trained individual.

The course will cover:

1. Introduction to the basic tools of Acting through Theatre Games, Exercises and Improvisations

2. Voice training – Learning voice techniques to expand the range of your voice and learn voice modulation

3. Physical Theatre – Body Movement and connection between the physical and the emotional impulses

4. Introduction to Indian and Western Theatre – Artists : their Theories and Styles

5. Final presentation – The participants will create and present a final piece Online, in front of an audience


Ramanjit Kaur is the Founder of The Creative Arts Academy and she is the Director of Performing Arts department at TCAA. She is an internationally renowned award-winning theatre and film personality.

Shuktara Lal is a drama therapist and counsellor, teacher and theatre personality.

Theatre Course for Children
Structure: Once a week. One hour each session.
Age groups: 5 – 10 years (Saturdays | 3:00PM – 4:00PM IST)
Age groups: 10 – 15 years (Saturdays | 4:00PM – 5:00PM IST)
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About the Course:

Duration: The Theatre courses are designed to run throughout the schooling years for the overall development of the child. The different levels of training that children cover are:

  • Introductory Level Certificate Course (1 year) 
  • Beginners Level Certificate Course (2 year)
  • Intermediate Level Certificate Course (3 year)
  • Advanced Level Certificate Course (4 year)

Theatre provides a safe learning space for children and the young. It stimulates the mind to utilise its full potential and enhances more effective thought processes. While it encourages self expression, it also motivates a child’s ability to think, learn, comprehend, communicate and create. 


Course Director Ramanjit Kaur is the Founder Director of The Creative Arts Academy. She is an Award-Winning Theatre Personality, Film Actor and Director.

This course will help children to:

1. Stimulate imagination, allowing innovation and expression through body movement, voice control, voice modulation, diction and expressions. Children can explore endless possibilities of their imagination and through a specifically designed curriculum.

2. Add value to creativity. Working this way improves self esteem, motivation and achievement. It builds confidence, develops leadership qualities, teaches how to communicate in a variety of unique ways while increasing their vocabulary in the process. It promotes an analytical mind for problem solving.

3. Identify with characters portrayed and enacted, a prerequisite for attitude and behaviour change. Children embrace key messages through these portrayals.

4. Take the first steps towards becoming efficient actors and knowing the tools of good theatre.

5. Explore the elements of good dramatic art through practical training of production and organizational skills. They also learn concepts of set, light and costume design. 


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