Theatre Course for Women
Eligibility: 16+ years
Duration: 1 year (Introductory Level)
Once a week x 2 hours each
Saturdays: 5pm-7pm
New Batch starting in Sep 2023
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About the Course:

“We must all do theatre, to find out who we are, and to discover who we could become.” ~ Augusto Boal

The Course helps participants to discover their inner-self and be creative, think critically, self-reflect, communicate with clarity, engage effectively with the communities around them and become responsible individuals.

Theatre course for women is an excellent way to build confidence and foster creativity. Through classes and workshops, women can hone their acting, vocal, and communication skills while exploring different aspects of theatre and performance. They can learn about theatre production, staging, and direction and explore their creativity in monologues and scenes. In addition, a theatre course can provide mentorship and networking opportunities and help women evolve as stronger individuals.

Theatre skills
  • Aspects of Acting (physicality and voice modulation)
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Devising and improvisation
  • Scriptwriting
  • Design elements (set, properties, costume, makeup)
  • Direction
  • Developing and substantiating ideas through research
  • Theatre styles and traditions
The course will cover:

1. Introduction to the basic tools of Acting through Theatre Games, Exercises and Improvisations

2. Voice training – Learning voice techniques to expand the range of your voice and learn voice modulation

3. Physical Theatre – Body Movement and connection between the physical and the emotional impulses

4. Introduction to Indian and Western Theatre – Artists : their Theories and Styles

5. Final presentation – The participants will create and present a final piece Online, in front of an audience


Head of the department Ramanjit Kaur is the Founder of The Creative Arts Academy and she is the Director of Performing Arts department at TCAA. She is an internationally renowned award-winning theatre and film personality.

Theatre Course for Children
Eligibility: 5-16 years
Each year a participant completes one level
Once a week x 1 hour each
Junior batch (5-11 years): Saturdays, 3pm-4pm
Senior batch (12-16 years): Saturdays, 4pm-5pm
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About the Course:

Our theatre classes help kids develop their creativity, critical thinking, self-reflection, clarity of communication, engagement with their communities, and sense of responsibility.

Theatre courses for children are a great way to help young people develop their confidence, creativity, and communication skills. Through this course, children can learn how to work with their peers, express themselves through creative movement, and perform onstage. They will gain an understanding of the importance of teamwork and collaboration, and the value of artistic expression. Additionally, they will learn how to take direction, think on their feet, and take risks. With the guidance of experienced theatre professionals, children will gain a better appreciation of the performing arts and explore their own unique talents


Head of the department Ramanjit Kaur is the Founder Director of The Creative Arts Academy. She is an Award-Winning Theatre Personality, Film Actor and Director.

Shuktara Lal is a drama therapist and counsellor, teacher and theatre personality.

This course will help children to:

1. Aspects of Acting (physicality and voice modulation)

2. Non-verbal communication

3. Devising and improvisation

4. Scriptwriting

5. Design elements (set, properties, costume, makeup)

6. Direction

7. Developing and substantiating ideas through research

8. Theatre styles and traditions


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