Aamad - Introduction to Kathak Dance Form
Structure: 3 months module - 24 sessions
One hour session - Once a week
Friday | 5:15PM - 6:15PM
Age Group : Children & Adults
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About the Course:

The course will provide an inroad into the technique and philosophy of Kathak in an enjoyable and accessible manner.

The spins, the jumps, the footwork, the arms and hand movements, hand gestures, facial expressions—all these and much more come together to create a magical space.

Come! Let’s enter the world of Kathak and discover a new language and another unique way of telling stories. 


Course Director Debashree Bhattacharya is an experienced Kathak Practitioner and Choreographer trained under Padmashree Smt. Rani Karna. She is the Co-Founder of Ranan Performance Collective and the Creative Head of the Kathak Department at TCAA.

The course will cover:
  1. An introduction to the world of cyclical rhythm (Teentaal) 
  2. Basic steps and hand movements
  3. Movement coordination (Angashuddhi) 
  4. Pirouettes (Spins)- an exploration 
  5. Rhythmic variations-Bols — simple tukdas, toras, tihais and ladis.
  6. Expressional Dance (Abhinaya): 
  • Introduction to single and combined hand gestures
  • Kavits (poems set to rhythm from mythology) 
  1. Concept of Padhant (to keep beats and recite simple bols)
Structure: 3 months module - 12 sessions
One hour session - Once a week
Tuesday | 4:30PM - 5:30PM
Age Group : Children & Adults
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About the Course:

This course will be about the practice and methodology of Creative Movement in a manner that is therapeutic and enjoyable to all. 

It entails knowing oneself and building a relationship with one’s body, experiencing the  healing potential of creativity and the joy of discovering your body’s history, it’s own dance and movement. 

Let us then embark on a journey of self-knowledge, healing and creativity that will stay with us for all time! 


Course Director Shubha Bangur is a certified Dance Movement Therapy Facilitator and Counsellor. She achieved the 2018 Grant from Marian Chace Foundation, American Dance Therapy Association. She is the Head of the Creative Movement Department at TCAA.

The course will cover:

1. Understanding the body’s potential to move and express.

2. Comprehending the movements we engage in everyday.

3. Increasing one’s movement range and feeling a shift mentally and emotionally.

4. Understanding one’s personality dynamics.

5. Experiencing the therapeutic potential of creativity.

6. Generating body resources for one’s self-care and well-being.


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