All-Women Site-specific Theatre Production, based on Federico Garcia Lorca’s House of Bernarda Alba
Director: Ramanjit Kaur

The Creative Arts and FACES, present all-women site-specific production ‘BURNING BUBBLES’

‘BURNING BUBBLES’ comes from the National Award-winning all-women Theatre group of TCA.

‘Burning Bubbles..’ is TCA’s fourth production with its all-women group. The production explores our latent desires. Those bubbles of dreams and desires that are burning inside us always, keep us forever searching. Though my earlier plays with this women’s group were proscenium, this time I wanted to delve into the genre of site-specific Theatre once again. This has been my journey to explore different genres of Theatre and this one is a step in that direction. Site-specific Theatre derives its inspiration from the site where it is being created. The performance uses the properties, qualities, meanings found at the site, be it a garden, a building, or a room. This genre of theatre emphasizes particular images, stories, and events that reveal the complex relationship between ourselves and our physical environment. The audience will travel along with the story through the whole site – walking, stopping, sitting, watching.

The play, directed by Ramanjit Kaur, explores our latent desires. The all-women cast of homemakers and professionals includes Pragya Goel Gupta, Bhavna Gupta, Arati Daga, Seema Sonthalia, Saroj Tivary, Shelley Doshi Rampuria, Arpita Nag, Seema Grover, Bolaka Chattopadhyay, Anita Agarwal, Deepa Shah Chaki, who have passionately lend themselves to delve deep into the process of exploration and creation. They have done this extremely tough journey of creative explorations while balancing their family lives.

This site-specific play takes its inspiration from the HSAC Art Gallery site. The theatrical journey through the site makes us think that how we are all on the exhibition wherever we are – at work, with the family, at the public place. While on exhibit vis a vis each other, we suppress so many of our desires. Our desires lay latent. – from simple desires of relaxing with a cup of coffee, to desires of big ambitions, to darker and deeper desires.

The play has been mainly inspired by Federico Garcia Lorca’s ‘The House of Bernarda Alba’. The play explores themes of repression, passion, and conformity. All these have led our journey towards the exploration of our suppressed desires and have created the heat of passion in many forms.

The production will be using many elements of Contemporary Theatre, as explored worldwide. Video art by Philip Gordon, Installation art by Sarathi Das, creative sound design by Dipankar Chaki, light design by ace designer Daulat Vaid, an alumnus of National School of Drama, Delhi, visual images and deconstruction of the text will be the unique features of the play.

While actors explore a different genre to express, the audience will experience a treat for the senses. The audience will travel through a space of conversations, room of desires, of childhood memories and a room of suppressed desires, culminating into a finale of acceptance of deep latent desires which are awakening now.

This experiential play will be extremely intimate and interactive.

The show has been on at HSAC from 28th January and today, 2nd February, are the last two shows. This memorable and unique show interweaving creativity and technology would not be possible without the support of organizations like FACES. Today, we shall have very special guests for the show.

Director’s Note by Ramanjit Kaur


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