The Merry Go Round (2006)

The Merry Go RoundThe idea for “The Merry Go Round” flashed through my mind while watching a proscenium play and wondering about the reactions of a very passive and indifferent audience. The audience-actor relationship has always been a point of concern for theatre performers from various angles. At this moment what I want to explores what happens when the audience along with the performers, takes a journey through the spaces inside a theatre. Just like life does not have a logic, the events of the production do not follow any sequence. Each piece and emotion has many layers to it. The happening overlap and intermingle with each other, finding their own reason that reason does not know. The sequences have emerged from a plethora of our intimate feelings, to which each one in the audience will relate to, at a certain point of time. The production has evolved through improvisations in terms of performance and writing. Characters, relationships, incidents, all have emerged and evolved during this process. German playwright Peter Handke’s ‘The hour we knew nothing of each other’ and ‘Offending the Audience’ have been great sources of inspiration during this process. The piece is a unique genre of theatre where you are not just a passive audience, but a co-traveler of the performer in the journey.

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