“…when things go bump in the night…”

“…when things go bump in the night…” is The Creative Arts students’ year-end production. This is TCA’s first Studio Theatre Performance.

The three characters in the play are inspired from different short stories by Chitra. One character faced the rejection of her girl child, not only her in-laws, but even her husband, who has pampered her in the past, refused to allow her to give birth to their daughter…; the other character was a witness to domestic violence – she grew up constantly running away from home with her mother, who was trying to escape the wrath of her father and then returning after brief periods ; the third character addresses her conflict about her same sex relationship and then, with her husband…She continuously compares her tender and beautiful relationship with a woman to the harsh and rough one with her husband… The students have added their own context to it and also interwoven excerpts from other stories. The three women exist together in this given space. On this specific night, their inner fears, joys and nightmares come forth…

Being a Studio Performance, the intimacy makes the audience a participant in the event…

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Another Slideshow of the Play Images

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