Upon A Yarn

Upon A Yarn

UPON A YARN explores the power of fabric or material in our lives. What does a material mean to us? Is it just a fabric, an accessory, an embellishment with which we drape and decorate ourselves? Or when we dress in a certain style we state that this is the person I am. The material becomes the person; even after the person is gone, our association of that material with that person is so strong that it transcends itself from being just a fabric to memory, nostalgia…

‘UPON A YARN’ is a tapestry of thoughts and feelings which has been woven together by taking excerpts from various sources.. there are verses by Arthur Cardozo and excerpts from short stories in Jhumpa Lahiri’s ‘Interpreter of Maladies’ and others. The performance explores the various stages of a woman’s life right from birth, to adolescence, to youth and old age, while looking into the complexities of man-woman and other relationships, questions of age and death. It celebrates the power and strength of the woman who is the Nature herself, e.g. culminating dialogue says "Muthassi, will never dies." Muthassi, here, representing the womanhood.

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